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Some kind words about us

Jeff’s technique is exceptional in traditional forms, as well he has mastered the deconstruction of these forms as related to alternative contemporary techniques such as release techniques, contact improvisation, and other post modern forms. He can teach the cutting edge of what is happening in the dance world, as well as build a strong universal technique as is needed to achieve difficult skills for ballet or jazz dancers.

Cricket Hamar

Founding Dance Teacher at Parker Performing Arts Bachelors in World Arts and Cultures from UCLA

Becky Ewing is proficient in building dancers by providing a strong technical foundation which is required to become a future professional dancer. I worked with her for eight wonderful years in California and I still view the work we did with dancers as being exceptional including conditioning, performing, and competing.

Becky can teach any dancer the fundamentals and building blocks for many virtuoso, high level skills. Many dancers went on to professional careers and college dance programs.

Cricket Hamar

Founding Dance Teacher at Parker Performing Arts Bachelors in World Arts and Cultures from UCLA

Becky Ewing is one of the most inspiring and talented dance entrepreneurs in our industry, today. A driving force in California - and now the Carolinas - working with Becky, in any capacity, is a remarkable experience. Her breadth of knowledge in technique, artistry, choreography, & costuming allows each dancer to reach their fullest potential with safe & extremely effective, often employable, results.

Drew Burgess

Former Student of Becky Ewing
Current Dance Educator, Choreographer, and Judge throughout the U.S. & Canada

Becky Ewing is an amazing choreographer, teacher, and mentor. She has the unique ability to create stunning dance pieces for the most advanced dancers while also being able to creatively design pieces that showcase the strengths of the most beginning dancers. Becky is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. She takes a genuine interest in each of her students and guides their development with wisdom and care.

As a parent, I always appreciated Becky's attention to developing a strong technical foundation in my daughter from a very young age. My daughter continues to reap the benefits of that foundation as she enters her college years. Becky will make a positive impact on any dancer who has the privilege of training and working with her.

Jenna Murata